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Beguiled By The Wild: The Art of Charley Harper
by Charley Harper

Hard Cover, 132 pages, 114 color plates
ISBN - 0-9620543-7-2

Cool Carnivore

Here's an enchanting book of Charley Harper's not so wild, "wild" animals. They consist mostly of paintings of small birds and animals, which live in a world of eat or be eaten. Though they live in a harsh world, when not in immediate danger, they are wonderful to behold and Charley Harper shows them in a way they've never been seen before. His captions are as captivating as his paintings. His caption for the cover photo, Serengeti Spaghetti reads, "If you experience technical difficulties as you look at this herd of zebras on Africa's Serengeti Plain, please bear with us - the trouble is not in your set. It's a tropical optical illusion, an equatorial pictorial puzzle of equivocal equinal elements, an amorphous ambulatory aggregation of undulating ungulates: op art on the hoof. How many hooves in the herd? You really want to know? Well, first you have to count the zebras."

If some of Charley Harper's work looks familiar to you, it just may be. Charley Harper has done numerous posters for the National Park Service. His paintings are easily adaptable to needlework, quilting, woodworking and jewelry.

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The mockingbird patrols his perimeter with the eye of an eagle, the ferocity of the falcon, and the suddenness of the supersonic jet. Cat-a-tat-tat! From twelve o'clock high, he screams out of the sky to strafe his catanapping enemy with bad bird words, pulling up just in time to escape catastrophe while tantalizing the tormented tabby...

Romance on the Richter Scale