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Inkle Weaving
by Helene Bress

Soft Cover, 214 pages
Crafts - Inkle Weaving
ISBN - 0-9620543-1-3

Inkle weaving, the production of beautiful, colorful, decorative bands, is one of the most popular forms of weaving today for beginning and experienced weavers alike. With more than 200 black and white and 7 color photographs, this complete guide to inkle weaving provides information and instructions from making a small portable loom at home to working with a wide variety of techniques including picots, fringes, slits, tabs Ghiordes and rya knots, to create individual projects.

Chapters include:

  • Introduction
  • Get yourself a Loom
    • Gather these Accessories
    • Put on the Heddles
  • Warp your loom
    • Wind your shuttle - and now, Let's Weave
  • Patterns in Plain Weave
  • Choose some Yarns
  • Explore These Techniques. How about -
    • making some Picots
    • making some Fringes
    • adding some Rods and Rigid Wefts
    • Wrapping and Binding with Macrame
    • making some Slits
    • making some Tabs
    • leaving the Warp Unwoven in Places
    • making a Tube
    • making Ghiordes or Rya Knots
    • weaving with Thick and Thin Wefts
    • weaving with Beads and Bells
    • using Space Dyed Yarns, or
    • Tie-Dyeing your own
    • Shaping a piece, or
    • making some Loops
  • Pick It Up
    • Brocade
    • Basketweave Background
    • Horizontal Stripe Background
    • Speckled Background
  • Top Off the Bottom
    • Finish Off the Top
    • Join them Together
  • Design It Yourself
  • The History? It's a Mystery

The best comprehensive text for the beginner... Highly recommended.
- The Library Journal

One of the most popular weaving forms is explored - with exciting results - by an expert in macrame and handweaving.
- Good Housekeeping Needlecrafts